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Increasing Energy Life & Movement

Could your quality of life be better?
Relieve Pain, Increase Strength, Prevent Injury and Improve Movement

If so, press play and watch Katie Wolfe's video below to discover the method
that has changed peoples' lives all over the world...

I get it! 

I can tell you almost everyone has experienced the same frustration at some point and to some degree. People often testify that once you hit your 30s and 40s, something just happens. All of a sudden, things you were once able to do without a problem start to cause problems like muscle fatigue and pain.

Get back to the life you deserve!

Wellness Coaching for a Better You!

Let me ask you this: could things be even a tiny bit better?
If that’s a yes, you have enough reason to do something about it NOW!

Let's get real for a second...

When you’re in pain, everything suffers. Your friendships and love relationships take a hit, intimacy with your partner becomes a rarity, and you may isolate yourself more and more until 
you feel broken and left out.

Do you lack energy and motivation to consistently exercise because of this?

My goal is not only to get you feeling better in a certain amount of time...
My goal is to create change that will keep you active,
proactive and living your best life!

What you really need is a plan designed entirely around YOUR individual needs
to Reclaim Your Body and Quality of Life on YOUR terms!

Introducing The ELM Method

The unique method uniting Energy, Life and Movement
without sacrificing your precious time.

PHASE 1: Mindset, Tracking and Habit Building
When you start you will have access to tutorials to ensure you have all the platforms set up for the program and you understand exactly how to use everything, don't worry if you're not tech-savvy as we have you covered!

In this phase we will work on habit building and mindset activities so that we can equip you with the tools required to be successful on your journey! I am here to help guide you as we identify and address potential nutrient deficiencies and work on building your health and bodies strength from the inside out! Meal planning and nutrition will be covered including teaching you how to meal plan and exploring relationships with food. Proper hydration and nutrition are key to muscle recovery!
PHASE 2: Movement Foundations
This begins with learning the basic movement patterns and addressing any weaknesses you may have. We do this using a unique 3 level progression and foundation program. It is important to begin with mobility, stabilization and function of each muscle group to ensure correct movement form and progression through the phases.
PHASE 3: Training Foundations
We will be here to guide you through this process and if you get stuck at any point make sure to message! Coaches are available via online messaging systems and email! Once you have mastered the basic movement patterns you will perform a strength test and you will then be moved to our advanced training system. Through online video assessment, coaches will evaluate and assist you in areas of weakness! We are in this together!

Adding resistance and strength training will help you increase lean muscle mass,increase strength, increase mobility, and create more joint stability all while losing body fat as you activate and engage muscles properly. With your schedule in mind, you never have to worry about sacrificing your precious time. With my training system you can follow from home or at the gym.
PHASE 4: Maintenance and Advanced Training System
You've stuck to your plan and you've actively worked towards your goal, but now you've done the work and want to keep working towards a better you! In this phase we shift focus to staying on tracking and keeping your results for life! At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy mind and body comes down to utilizing your new skill sets and enjoying your life! Learning how to have freedom without completely falling off track. Pain can subside for a duration of time, but that doesn't mean we should stop working towards our best self.
Let's be proactive and keep doing the things you love!

You can work with me from anywhere in the world! Regardless of your age, ability, knowledge of fitness and mobility, I have you covered! With my customized programs, I work with you to develop a program that meets your needs, activity level, and access to equipment at home or gym.

  Strength and Mobility Program

Don't just follow, understand. Videos and programs are made specifically to help you understand what really matters when working towards your goal. Forming an understanding of the crucial principles will allow you to advocate for yourself and remove dependency. Let's make lifelong change! We all start somewhere, and I believe every client should be able to pursue their goals at their own pace and level that suits their abilities and experience. That is why I have created my Strength and Mobility Program with 4- phases ranging from beginner to advanced; each one including a personalized exercises and nutrition plan, mindset strategies and ongoing private coaching to support your individual goals.


Custom Online
Training Program
  • Custom mobility workouts, resistance and training
  • Plans updated as needed depending on your progress
  • Immediate access to your updated program via mobile and desktop app
Mindset Coaching
  • 21 Day Meditation Program for manifesting your best life and abundance (audio, workbook, and affirmation phone wallpapers included)
  • ​Weekly Mindset Tasks & Action Steps for Improving Your Confidence
  • ​​Workbook of Daily Rituals & Manifestation Routines for Personal Development & Creating Your Best Life
Weekly Progress Evaluations
  • Send weekly assessment videos and progress pictures via the exclusive ELM Method coaching app
  • ​Instant messaging and communication via app
Form Assessment and Live Videos
  • ​Immediate access to your program via mobile and desktop app with video assessments to make sure your progressing correctly!
  • ​Not just moving, but understanding movements!
Complimentary Mood & Movement Journal
  • Complimentary Mood and Movement Journal
  • ​PDF sheets you can print out to track your daily activities and progress
  • Goal Tracker, and Mindset Reminders to keep you on track while elevating your lifestyle
Customized Online Nutrition Guidance
  • Custom nutrition program
    Plans updated as needed depending on your progress
    ​Custom designed to help you meet your current physique goal
  • ​Custom designed to help you meet your current physique goal and aid recovery
  • ​Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, Regular Meal and other options available
Private Facebook Community & LIVE Engagement
  • Questions & Answers through private Facebook group
  • Motivation and Engagement within the private group from coaches!
  • Attend LIVE groups hosted with your coach!
Ongoing support
from coaches
  • Instant Support & Communication
  • ​Have a quick question? No problem, we will get right back to you!
  • ​​Instant messaging and correspondence as needed
Members Exclusive Area
(under construction)
  • Exclusive Access to Members Area with various resources to aid your journey and transformation!
  • ​​​Special V.I.P discounts for members

Ready when you are!

If you want to be apart of the ELM Method,
click the button below and fill out the following form to get started! Please be as complete as possible and answer each question to the best of your ability.

You will receive an email confirming your booking with further directions. Please check your spam folder within 48 hours if you haven’t received a response from me.


I know my program works, but don't take my word for it...
have a look for yourself!

Transformations through
proper nutrition
and muscle engagement!

Coach's Corner

Meet Your Expert Coach

Meet Katie,

Founder of ELM Method

  • ​Founder of The ELM Method
  • ​Nationally Qualified Fitness Competitor
  • ​Endurance Athlete and Outdoor Sport Enthusiast 
  • ​Doctorate of Physical Therapy (USC '23)
  • ​Over 10 years of experience in pre-clinical and clinical research
  • ​PhD Research in Neuropharmacology
  • ​Master Degree: Clinical Mental Health
  • ​Bachelors: Psychology; Biology 
  • ​Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • ​Professional Ski Instructor
  • ​Vegan Athlete

From the Office of Katie Wolfe

Wellness Coach, Mobility Trainer and Mental Health Advocate!

I get it, you look at me and think, "she wouldn't understand."

But what many don't see is that I was born with spina bifida (Lipomyelomeningocele) -
a neural tube birth defect, therefore it was critical for me to understand my own body mechanics 
and strength training to prevent from further physiological implications.
When I first discovered I could improve my strength, increase my energy and sleep by proper muscle activation, I was in!

I could finally sleep. I didn’t want to get angry with everyone that got in my way…I could get dressed and not feel aching and broken, physically and emotionally.

It was incredible!
How can simple movements HEAL so much!?

I have spent years in human science and neuroscience research! Diving into how our bodies recover and how our minds process these phases!

I discovered how important creating a relationship with our body is to helping how our body heals.

Our modern life is wreaking havoc on our bodies
— it's time to give it a break so it can get back to normal.

My extensive knowledge in human biology, physiology and psychology has helped hundreds of people all over the world to improve their quality of life through movement and mindset.

Join my community today and get access to your customized program and nutrition plans-
no matter your age, ability level or access to equipment.

By joining, you'll become a part of an online support community
with others in similar circumstances from all walks of life.

Regardless of your busy life, I have the resources and tools …

Are you ready?

Are you dedicated to having your best quality life, full of energy and confidence?

Then click the button below!

Let’s do this!

x Katie Wolfe

THIS IS YOUR TIME! Let's do this!

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